Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This Is How I Feel...

This video is how I feel about my journey to apply for the BFA program of Graphic Design at Georgia State. Always feel like running, feel like time is running out (applied by the music - making it suspenseful), and jumping. There are always new heights and hurdles to jump over as projects come my way (and others too). And the thing to do is to do it with confidence and without hesitation. It is a huge risk to do art, and it takes a lot of determination, heart and passion to jump right into the project...not knowing if you will land safely, if you will get hurt, or not even make it.

The point is, as you are seeing these individuals here, is to pursue head on, no matter the obstacle. I intend to do so this semester, as I did last semester.



  1. ugh. I know exactly what you mean.
    Here we all go!

  2. Tres,
    Hi, this is Chrissy (Junior Designer), you met my roommate. I looked over your blog and here are my comments:

    -You are a fantastic illustrator and it's great that you are continuing to draw and push those skills. I, too, had Paul (twice!) and have a strong drawing/fine art background and it will be used more than you think.
    -your sense of composition is strong, probably because of your experience with sequential art. this is a big strength. however, your typography jumps out as being the weakest part of your work. i noticed this with your poster-strong illustration and composition, but weaker type. You are still going through that class, however, so really experiment with type. Type is huge, and being able to really have a command over it is important. And not just extravagant, bold compositions- you should also be able to be delicate and sophisticated with type, such as setting good spacing and making good arrangement choices.
    -I really like your initial logos. personally i think they are some of the hardest things to do and yours have good energy and flow.
    -your Pop Secret is okay, i see what you were going for, but you look scared with it, like you didn't really push it. Maybe a sophisticated, elegant Pop Secret? or a manly pop secret? Try looking through a graphic design art history book, they are fantastic for inspiration. I suggest looking at Art Nouveau period, the Futurist movement, and Dada. they seem like periods you would enjoy.

    I took 2 years to get in; the best advice I can give you is work your ass off and try again if you don't make it. Half the people in your class are probably obviously not going to make it but you will be competing with a small group who are going to work very, very hard and fight to get it and you just have to be better than them (or bring something valuable to the table.) I work full-time and had to take out loans to help me achieve this level of competitiveness- buy a computer, a good printer, and get the software so you can adequately spend time on your projects. One of my faults is I get stuck too easily on one idea; the best designers in my class always bring in 4 or 5 ideas when the rest have one. Don't give up, it's worth it! Hard work is always, always rewarded.

    Good luck!