Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Skimmed It - Scott Pilgrim

Did this kinetic typography video last semester as a demo for After Effects. I plan to do another one for soon, maybe do one kinetic typography piece each week. More for my portfolio, as well as to push myself. Like drawing in a sketchbook. :) Gotta have a million sketches before you really nail one...and for the fun of course!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Recent After Effects Projects

In the past few months, I was able to work on some After Effects projects for clients and for a competition. Each were unique in problem solving and meeting the needs of the project. I enjoyed working on each of them. :)

Created a demo reel for voiceover talent Doug Turkel, using kinetic type to showcase his work. It was a great challenge to keep each video unique, but keep it in a consistent flow from one clip to the next. I also wanted it to represent the projects he was voicing over (wanted it to feel like it was Discovery Channel for example). Doug has worked on projects that not only shocked me, but also inspired me. He's great at what he does!

I was asked to be a compositor for Kathy Lea's demo reel, determining how to structure the demo to be at least 3 minutes. Some of the problems were to keep it within the 3 minute mark, as well as transitioning from one video to the next. Working on this project, I learned more about frames, and how they make up the seconds for a video clip. She's a wonderful animator, as she worked on projects for Disney and DreamWorks. She's also a great friend too! :)

This was created for the "48 Hour Repack" Competition. I was invited to join with fellow designers Charles Gary and Michael Manisa to enter as a group. We wanted to show why our package is perfect to for use in this green environment campaign. We wanted to explain our reasons for using this kind of package in comparison of the light bulb packages of right now. I really had a great time collaborating on this video with them, and hopefully we'll do some more collaboration in the future.

Hope you enjoy!