Friday, August 28, 2009

"It's Safe to Fail"

Found an article on Variety (dot) com on Pixar director John Lasseter and his philosophy for achieving success. In his own words, "It's safe to fail."

Something I need to know/be reminded of as I continue this graphic design program. It's not bad to fail at something, as long as I learn from it, and continue to push harder in my concepts and well as fail early so I can gain success sooner! :D

Hope this is inspirational to someone. And have a great weekend! ;)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rialto Art Fair

I was able to get some pics of the Rialto Art Fair. It was a nice event seeing the different art disciplines showcasing their projects and abilities. :)

Senior designers Mario Segarra and Mike Rogers talking design.

The famous Obama Typography piece by Senior designer Jason Dooley.


Interior Design representing as well!

I want to say thanks to all the senior designers who took their time to host the graphic design table. :) Awesome job guys!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love This Typeface!

I never really got to mention this during the summer...anywho, I really love this typeface that Starbucks used for its' campaign. Not too thick, luscious, and exciting! I would love to know what typeface this is. I love sans serif type! :D

Monday, August 17, 2009

Adv. Type Assignment 1 - Intro Projects

So our first blog assignment for Advanced Typography is to showcase some works done in our classes prior to portfolio review. In all honesty, I really enjoyed my first efforts, as I tried to do well and give it my best effort. Here are some of my works I enjoyed at the top of my head:

To this day I enjoy my personal logo, it really represents me: My interests in animation, movement, and always looking for explosive energy in art.

This is the only black and white design I did. I've been a huge fan of black and white images for the last two years now. I really felt this was the one design I was able to utilize my black and white interests with purpose.

One of my favorite typography projects in the class. It was tedious, but the results were worth it!

Another typography project that I felt I grew in using type in a composition. I was really proud of this project.

One of the ads I did for my independent client. This was my first out of the three that felt like it was going somewhere. The other two followed this one!

And there you have it! :) Hope you enjoy the ones I chosen to showcase.

Life Drawing 2

It's been a while since I updated my blog on life drawing sketches. I've been practicing drawing my left hand, in hopes to get a better experience of drawing this interesting member. So far, I have drawn 100 hands in my sketchbook alone (other sketches have been in other sketchbooks and scraps of paper).

I plan to draw more hands, as well as start to learn the skeletal structure, then the muscular structure. The more I attempt, the more I try to understand, the better I have to voice my opinion and views.

Enjoy! :) And if anyone likes to critique or offer suggestions, I am willing to listen. Thanks!