Thursday, January 29, 2009

Semester Project: Still Experimenting

I still have not found something that I really like, or really think that it will cause a stance. Not type wise or sketch wise. I admit, not going the illustrative, cartoon character route is challenging to my inner being. It's really cutting me deep.

So I went out to get different supplies, glue, crayons, spray paint...just to see what will and what will not work. Here is my experimenting with a mixture of glue stick, hot glue, and crushed coffee beans:

I grew fond of the "i" that came out in the last picture there. As I looked at the others, the hot glue did not help me in the finished look. With that said, my future endeavors with this experimentation will have to stick with glue sticks.

I scanned the "i" into my computer, fixed it up in Photoshop, and live traced it in Illustrator. Here are some experimenting I did with the "i" and different other fonts here:

Hopefully this will lead me somewhere to pushing more ideas, instead of pushing my head against the wall.

More trials to come soon.


  1. Hey roy this is looking really good! i like the idea of using coffee grounds to create the logo by hand because it gives the logo an authentic, raw feel. It has a look thats truly original. Keep playing with the coffee sure eventually you will do one that's so good that you can just scan it in and use it as it is.

  2. i like that little i guy too :) it feels less like "im just gonna type out a font for the logo and be done" and more "i really care about individuality here". keep playing with it!

  3. You're definitely a creative one, Mr. C!

    When you work on something, you don't just go for ritual compliance. You put your very soul into it, it seems. That's what I see in your work. :) It makes me look up to you more and more each day.

    Keep on workin'! You're an inspiration. :)