Sunday, January 25, 2009

Semester Project: Competition

Taking a look at the competitors that Indie Coffee and Books are facing right now in the Atlanta area. All these name brand business offer coffee, as well as many other things to match up with Indie. As far as Wi-Fi service, books, pastries, and everything else.

I wanted to look at the logos for a bit of the competitors, in order to see what has not been done. Both Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have sans serif typeface, bold (or thick) lettering, and they are all in caps. Seattle's Best Coffee is also has an all caps typeface scheme, but using serif. Starbuck and Seattle's (which is owned by Starbucks by the way) logos are using circular schemes to attract customers. It is also noted that neither brand uses a coffee mug or smoke swirl as part of their combination mark. Now, Seattle's Best Coffee does have a ring around the sphere, almost resembling a sleeve (the paper item that wraps around the coffee cup). It is still interesting that it did not literally showcase of what they sell.

Dunkin Donuts does have a customized coffee cup as part of their combination mark. Being stylized and hand drawn compared to the clean type for the logo.

I am still being challenged to try and say something else about Indie besides being literal about coffee and books. What kind of areas can I go? I will soon find out, at least try before I resort with showcasing coffee and books. I will post some other ideas sometime tomorrow.


  1. As far as competition for Indie, I would also take a look at Aurora Coffee, Java Monkey, and a few other independent local coffee shops. It's also cool to see that out of the 3 major compeptitor companies you have, only one of them actually has coffee in their logo, and it's not even in a mug... but in their branded coffee cup

  2. well if you are trying to think of a different way to represent coffee, what about showing it in a way other than in a coffee cup? a cup is kind of expected, but what if you had an image of coffee beans or the plant that coffee comes from? I'm sure you could draw it by hand and make it look very cool....and so far i haven't seen coffee beans in a logo. I'd say just try to think of representing coffee in a different way. But don's worry you are doing lots of research so that's very good! Im sure the idea will come to you soon...