Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Semester Project: Serif or Sans Serif?

I wanted to go and look for different fonts that could be considered as possible directions for Indie. I know I want to have Indie be different from Coffee and Books, and I felt that Indie would really set the tone for everything. For Coffee and Books, for the illustrative part of the logo. Everything.

At first, I wanted to try to go with sans serif (I really do enjoy sans serif most of the time). It is more playful, a chance to be gestural and loose. However, most of the big named companies use sans serif (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts) as their typeface, and it would be good to be more distanced from their feel.

As I tried all the different types to spell Indie (all lowercase, first letter capitalized, all uppercase), I started to see what Stan was referring to about the all uppercase scheme. Too much yelling "INDIE" instead of being firm and solid. You don't have to yell out that you're independent, you just show that you are.

I also started to see more potential in the serif choices, more than I thought I would realize. So right now, I am trying to decide what typeface will work, so that everything can come together along with the typeface.

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  1. What really catches my eye is in your 2nd to last paragraph you said:
    "You don't have to yell out that you're independent, you just show that you are."

    keep with that idea. as far a serifs, I'm a sans fan.