Friday, January 23, 2009

Inauguration Trip Episode 1 - Philadelphia

As I mentioned earlier in my blog, I wanted to tell about my trip to the Inauguration for President Barack Obama. Doing a mini-series of what I experienced, saw, as well as endured. LOL

Our trip (I went with my entire family, a true blessing) started by boarding the plane from the Atlanta airport, and flying into Philadelphia. I haven't been on an airplane since I was six (everyone else in my family though have flown since then), so it was a bit of an anxiety for me. However, when I we got into the clouds, and were able to see them below, I was just in awe. So much I took pictures.

The best way for me to describe the feeling was when Wall-E was seeing outer space for the first time. Just seeing something out of your normal environment gives you life, energy, excitement. It was so peaceful. Every artist should be able to experience this, seeing the clouds underneath.

As we were close to reaching Philadelphia, I started to taking a few pictures of the nightlife. Here are a couple of pictures (I took so many pics during this trip, it is ridiculous):

This was the first time I have visited Philadelphia, let alone the farthest I have ever traveled up north in the U.S. Arriving the Philadelphia airport, though, was boring. Not as alive and full of exploration as the Atlanta airport. We traveled from the Philadelphia airport to my cousin's house to stay for Saturday night. We left Sunday morning heading south into Maryland. Here a couple more pictures of Philadelphia:

The arena where the Philadelphia Eagles play. Sad to see that they lost to the Arizona Cardinals though.

Some landscape I wanted to capture. While we did not go into the city of Philadelphia, the buildings were interesting from far away. Almost felt like Atlanta, though I know there are differences between the two.

This concludes Episode 1 of my Inauguration Trip. Stay tuned for Episode 2 - Eve of the Inauguration. More pictures, more stories, and of course, seeing President Obama elected.