Thursday, January 8, 2009

GRD 3200 Assignment #1: The Best and Worst Designs

The assignment is to choose the five best logos and the five worst. The ones on top are the best, and the ones on the bottom, to me, are the worst. I will explain why I think the top logos are the best:

1. CNN: The line going through the letters C N N resembles a cable. The cable comes through the C and goes in different directions, connecting in those locations, and continues through the N. Instead of having ending the line with a stroke, the line (cable) continues like applied line. Continuing to connect to whatever location possible.
2. Finding Nemo: Pixar does a wonderful job with their type for their movie projects. You can get a sense and feel for the movie, and what the movie is about. Finding Nemo is no exception. I know that this movie represents a fish story, with the fish being used as the counter for the "o". And seeing the main character is a small fish, it works perfectly. Also, the type is in all caps and using bold. This tells me that the type represents someone looking for a lost individual. You would not whisper or talk at a normal volume if you have lost a child or someone. You would scream with all your might. And Pixar's Finding Nemo does just that.
3. Jumpman (Air Jordan): Sure, Michael Jordan's logo was based on how dynamic he could fly in the air for a layup or a dunk. Over time in his NBA career, he has not been able to jump as high like his youthful years. That still does not mean he does not rise or soar in other avenues: His Jordan Brand business continues to produce great works for people to purchase the shoes and clothes. He is still respected as a basketball player and as a hard worker. So while the Jumpman logo represented the past, it also represents the present respectively.
4. Best Buy: The use of the tag for Best Buy's logo was dead on. We always see a "sale" tag at stores when there are discounts or deals. Especially in bright colors to attract our attention. It is also interesting that the tag is position at an angle, in order to capture our attention. The bold and uppercase letters help grab our attention as well.
5. Boomerang: I like how the image of the boomerang is in motion, as well as with the boomerang looking like a "B" too. The bottom part of the "B" showing that motion, along with the direction of the boomerang. I enjoy motion within a capture shot. Also, the type is to bring a certain nostalgia, as it represents cartoons and animation of the past. The tagline is great too: "Boomerang, it's all coming back to you!" For me, this concept was well thought out.

Now for the worst logos:

1. Okalahoma City Thunder: While this is the newest NBA team this season, the efforts on the logo was not good enough. This is the only NBA logo where the team's name is over the team's location. The only NBA logo. I also thought the type for "Thunder" did not represent thunder. Thunder is meant to be bold, big, powerful, demanding...that is not the case here with the type. The entire logo does not bring a strong concept on what thunder really is. Adding insult to injury, this logo feels more suited for the WNBA than the NBA. Sadly, the logos for the WNBA are better than this one. So it is a lose-lose situation, just like their standing record right now: 5-32 (as of January 10, 2009)
2. Atlanta Zoo: The yellow and red are too bright to view the entire logo. Both are primary colors, and they will attract attention immediately; however, it must be done to where one has more attention than the other. To me, I would desaturated the yellow a bit, just so the red letters stand out more. I might try a different shade of red too, after fixing the yellow. Now that I think of it (it did not come to me during class, until now), it looks like Pikachu from Pokemon.
3. Vancouver Grizzlies: I did not enjoy this NBA logo from the start of this franchise. A grizzly bear is not a small animal, and it is definitely hard to squish it. There is no breathing room between the animal and the type, and it is a problem. The "G" and the "S" in "Grizzlies" being used as fangs has been overdone. It is not original or unique for the franchise. Also, it looks more like an NHL logo than a NBA logo. Now, the "Vancouver" Grizzlies moved to Memphis, and their logo has changed.

Now that looks a whole lot better for the Grizzlies than the one from Vancouver.

4. Volvo: This is not the original or current Volvo logo design, but it was used for enviromental purposes. I may understand that purpose; however, the arrow positioned there reminds me of the male gender sign. If other consumers see that as well, that could be very offensive and discriminating. Which is why I believe this is a terrible logo design.
5. Antz: I admit, I am not a huge DreamWorks fan (GO PIXAR!!), but the type for Antz is the worst one DreamWorks ever conducted compared to the others. The concept for this one was not strong, and it does not really give an impression on what the movie is about. I could find the concept for DreamWorks' Shrek (quite obvious) or Over the Hedge type wise. The only thing I could see is the "A" being taller, as it represents the tip of the ant hill. But that is all I see or notice. The rest of the direction really does not give a complement to the movie like it could have.

And that is my commentary on the best and worst logos.


  1. ok i agree the Van Grizzles are bad, but did you have to put one up from my city!?

  2. I just call 'em as I see 'em Kat. I just call 'em as I see 'em. :D