Wednesday, January 7, 2009

GRD 3000 Project #4: Event Advertising

I needed to create a poster for an event. I admit, I barely go to events (more focused on school), but I wanted to choose something that I know I would go to. I mostly go to bookstores and coffee shops, so I wanted to do something that would use those environments as the place for the event. So I chose spoken word. It was not easy to come up with the illustration, because I thought about showcasing different kinds of participants that would be involved. While I was deciding on how to bring them into the project, I actually sketched another way to make them all represented in one image: a mic and a mouth in front of it. That way, no one can say that it was a singer, a poet, a story teller, or even a musician. They just know that someone is front of a mic, ready to go. And it was much better for the message.

My inspiration for the illustration's lips was singer Corinne Bailey Rae. I enjoy her music, it makes me feel like I'm drinking coffee with cream. It was also her single, Like a Star, that inspired me to place some stars on the poster. When you are at the mic, you feel powerful, it is your time for attention. And there are stars out there.

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