Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Really Need Some Starbucks

I have not had Starbucks in the past few days, and I am in dire need to get some soon! LOL But seriously I need some Starbucks. The lack of it is starting to come up in my work and YouTube watching:

I know that Election Day has passed, but I did not have the chance to view this commercial from Starbucks when it first came out. The font used for the animation was interesting, especially when "inconvenient" was having a struggle with "When it was". You can feel the pushing and the weight between both forces. I also liked how the words would come on beat with the melody of the music. That is always a treat for me (played drums for years). Another thing that is interesting are the words that are being bigger than others, as a way to put more emphasis on them. Like "VOTE", "COMMUNITY", "WORLD", and "CARE", just to name a few examples.

The other reason why I like the type is it's green. Green is my favorite color, and sadly, not many designers know how to do green justice. Seriously, not many green t-shirts are tasteful. Anyways, thought I shared what I found interesting as I continue to learn and analyze graphic design.

Oh, and here's a type sketch I did for my typography class:

Again, I really need some Starbucks. And I am going to push this image further a bit. Or at least try again with more direction and exploring.


  1. I saw that commercial a while back and also noticed they used Gotham, which is what a lot of companies have been using since the Obama campaign made it extremely popular. I use it myself more than anybody... but that's probably because of my refusal to use helvetica.

  2. Yeah, even our school newspaper "The Signal" uses Gotham as the type. And they were back bent on using that thing for almost everything, bleh. I like Helvetica, it's a little better than Verdana...I feel designers use Verdana too much, as well as Helvetica. In my opinion.