Monday, January 12, 2009

GRD 3200 Assignment #2 - Part 2

I know that Stan mentioned about seeing works from the past, to give a boost of energy and inspiration to push into the new projects. I can honestly say my experience as artist attending Georgia State has been fruitful and has been a blessing. As you can see, here were some drawings I did in the past before coming to GSU. They were more illustrative, the kind of "I know what to draw, and how it should already look like". As I took Drawing II with Paul Rodecker (I can never thank him enough), my intellect and observation grew and pushed further than what I could imagine. I just continue to seek more lines in being loose and gestural. I just could not control my appetite for gestural lines, as you can see in my recent sketches.

This drawing was done for Life Drawing as an assignment. I worked on it for 31 hours (kept track by writing the amount of hours on the drawing). It was worked on newsprint with charcoal pencils. I wanted to study my left hand in different positions, seeing hands are not easy to do. Again, my experience at GSU has really shaped my life as being an artist. For the first time, I actually had a real conversation with my drawing. I say this, because I did not start this as a six foot long drawing. I started with one sheet, and after four to nine hours, I heard the paper say that it needed to grow. So I added tape, and continued to draw. It spoke again, and I honored its' request to add another sheet. And I continued working on it.

I have not touched it for a long time. But I am sure we will have loads to talk about things.

Believe it or not, I drew the sketch of my right hand with my left hand. I mostly draw with my right hand; however, to push my drawing intellect and to challenge myself, I draw with my left from time to time. This challenges my right side of my brain (seeing my left side is used by my right hand), and it keeps me humble to continue pushing my drawing abilities.

I mostly draw in a cartoonish style, but I want to try and draw more realistic this year. At least try to capture more of life, and get a better understanding of the human anatomy. Because I know, the better I know the subject, the better my drawings will look. That goes for design too.

I hope you were inspired by my drawings and my stops I made on my artistic journey. I am still pushing forward.


  1. i love the big rodecker piece. i took a summer class of his and learned more about drawing than i ever wanted to admit. unfortunately he made me never want to pick up another charcoal pencil again. i haven't to this day....

  2. i like your work, its fresh. i need to take drawing lessons form you...