Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not Impressed

This is a random post, I just could not ignore my resentment design wise. Usually, Google has different illustrations or designs used to showcase its' name. I can understand that, and I'm used to it too. However, just today, a few minutes before posting this entry up, I ran into this for Google.

As the title of this post entry, I am not impressed. As an illustrator, I would. As a graphic designer, I am not. I may understand the concept that everything is haywire, jumbled up, and scratchy when you are looking through a search engine. But to make the legibility hard to read to find the name "Google", that does not fulfill the works of a great design or concept.

Thought I might share this with you guys. Any thoughts or comments?


  1. I actually like the concept a lot. Because google is so recognizable, i think it is cool that you kind of just have to search for google within the pollock work. and i dont think any other design could really be a representation of pollock

  2. When you're as recognized as google, you no longer have to make sense.

  3. It's Google. They can do what they want and not care. Guess that's just how you have it if you're Google.