Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I know the Spirit did not get good reviews at the box office Winter 2008...but what was interesting was the design work for the posters and the advertising when the film was released in theaters.

So the picture you see here is the actual DVD cover for the film. Whether than pushing the level of design for the layout and composition, it just went for a look that is uninteresting. I'm just wondering why Eva Mendes' character is the only one caught in motion, while everyone else is in a static position. No consistency...or no relevant need for contrast and tension.

It really does capture the movie essence in a nutshell (saw the film in December). It leaves with the notion of going for something else. Or to say, "Could it had been better than this?" And the answer is yes...yes it could.

Rant over.


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  2. I actually thought this movie was dope man... but I'd think you'd have to be a fan of comic to understand/appreciate the cheesy dialogue...

    have you seen it?

  3. Yeah, I saw the movie Jason.

    The movie wasn't as bad as people and critics has bashed it to be. The problem was how the expectation was going to be. I was not too familiar with the comic series, so I was expecting it to be really action packed and some drama...

    But I wasn't expecting it to be a comedy. It was a good attempt being funny, I'll give it that...but I don't think Frank Miller really showcased the film as Will Eisner would've wanted it...instead Miller did what Miller thought the Spirit should be.

    I also felt that the movie couldn't decide whether to be realistic or to be illustrative. To be a movie, or to be a graphic novel shown through motion. Not much consistency in that department. Though I will say the casting was dead on. Just couldn't understand why the Octopus showed his face in the movie, when he never showed his face at all in the comics. : /

    As for my rant, I was ranting my disappointment for the design work of the DVD cover. The work definitely could've been better. I know if you had that assignment of designing the cover, you would've rocked it to the next degree! :)

    At the same time, the Spirit probably is not as bad as Dragonball Evolution...now that's something to rant about. D:<