Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Semester Project: hAD Enough?

*Phew* I can't think of any more wacky or adnoying puns. : / LOL Then again, where there's a will, there's an ad. :) :D

Anyways, here are the final drafts for my ads (for now). I feel like I can push the illustrations more after critique. I always feel that way honestly when I draw and color characters.

As for the copy and the type, I am open to more suggestions and advice for critique and before it. Thanks!


  1. these are pretty dope man. The Illustrations are great. I'd definately take a closer look if I was flipping through a magazine and saw these...

    The onlything I would try with these is a different color palette. I looks fine and matches the comic style, but I think it could look a little more sophistocated with a less dark, primary colors and a less contrast.

    Like that basketball and the car pop out a bit more than they probably should. Nice work though. I'd definitely like to see these in some different colors though... I wouldnt change anything else.

  2. Thanks Jason for checking out my ads and for giving me some advice! :) I appreciate it. I will try to see what other colors I could possible use. I could agree that the blue in the background is strong after looking at for a good while.

    And what can I say? I love complimentary color schemes. :D :) Especially orange and blue.

  3. hey man, this look awesome I'm with Jason try some variations for the background. Another suggestion that you may consider is to lower the opacity in the objects so the Illustration pop a bit more.