Monday, April 20, 2009


I can say I'm done with the typography self portrait. Now to start another one! :D

.......after the semester is over. : / LOL


  1. This had to be a tedious process...I mean as far as desciding which font to use, which letter, upper case or lower case, size and least of all what rotation it should be. Nice job!

  2. Thanks Zane! Good to see you in my neighborhood on Blogger! :D

    It was tedious, after determining one typeface to use, which was Optima. Optima has some families, so that gave me range to utilize different arrangements and opportunities. :) Also, the process wasn't hard actually. I would look at the picture source to determine what letter and what family I could possibly use for that location alone. If it looked like a "w", then I go for it, and see if it works...if it doesn't, I'll go with something else. :)

    Glad you enjoyed it bro, thanks so much!