Monday, April 6, 2009

Semester Project: Just Keep ADding, Just Keep ADding

So my 5.5x5.5 is making her debut today. For what I have so far. I felt like I needed to add more illustrations for her (compared to the other two)...but I think it's fine where it is illustrative-wise, seeing I'm trying to show her interest in sports. My problem I am having is her copy, I think she has too much to say just to get her point across...even though she doesn't have much to showcase compared to the other ads. I am going to try playing around with the copy some more, just to make it feel more legit.

For this ad: I want to first say thanks Stan for the concern of the copy. I started to see what you pointed out. So with that said, I changed the copy, and I plan to change some of the illustrations to make it more clear and consistent.

I tried with these two copies, talking about her interest in travel (though her taste buds are doing the pacing). I know airplanes can showcase travel, and other elements outside of the ones I currently have. What do you guys think of the new copies? Any particular ones you like over the other? I'm thinking the bottom one just might be the final one to go with.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated! Thanks!


  1. the 3/4 one with the book reads stronger! :D
    and something to keep in my mind... it is rare if the designer has to be the copy writer... design studios hire copy writing pro's for that stuff.

  2. Well Kat, I would like to hire a pro copy writer..when I have the funds. :D :)

    But yeah, this illustration for the 3/4 angle was done the same time as the other two (before our discussion). But I do see what you mean, and I appreciate you telling me this. :)

  3. cool.
    i am glad you are ok with me being a nag, or a hag, which ever best describes me! tee hee

  4. Nah, you ain't bein' a nag or a hag. Another artist that's helping me out, that I respect. :)

  5. if we're talking about the copy for the girl, i definitely like the top one. mostly because, as a worker in the coffee industry, most people have no idea what a true macchiato is, much less how to say it. might as well go with what everyone knows, especially since the top one is as strong as the bottom in cleverness.

  6. Yeah I def agree w/Sarah bc its easier to associate with the sensation of her taste buds than to what a macchiato tastes like. I like the illustrations Tres, its starting to get there.

  7. Hey Sarah and Frank! Thanks for commenting, and providing thoughts on the copy. Very good insight. :)