Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life Drawing 1

While I am going for the BFA Graphic Design program, I still practice what I enjoy: drawing. And in order for me to get better, I have to draw life, on a regular basis. I admit, I haven't been doing that mostly this semester. However, through soul searching, my crave for life drawing and studying anatomy crept back into my soul.

So to balance both graphic design and drawing, I take time to step away the screen, not to just protect my eye sight...but to also increase my observational skills and logic skills through calculating the joints and mass of the human figure. As you will see, I have been working on hands and fingers. That's still a problem for me to just draw off the top of my head, and I want to get better. The more I draw them, the better I'll get at them as second nature.

How does life drawing help me in graphic design you ask? As I mentioned, it's the logical side: Drawing life is not easy, and it takes lot of time to problem solve the obstacle. Same thing with graphic design, lots of problem solving in type and composition layout. Also coming up with new concept if the first ideas don't work.

So that's what I'm doing now in my time of taking a break from my projects. Going into another medium, push those skills, then get back into the fire of graphic design.



  1. Beautiful drawings Tres. It reminds me strongly of George Bridgman drawings. Chck it out if you don't know him. I grew up learning how to draw via Bridgeman. All great designers know how to draw.

  2. Thanks Stan! :) I was introduced to George Bridgman by Paul Rodecker last year. His books are really extraordinary to view. I need to get some of them for my own collection, especially the Drawing Machine.