Monday, February 2, 2009

Just To Let You Guys Know...

Just found out today that the inks for the printers at Digital Aquarium, they are out of inks. I was told that they might get the new ink cartridges tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb 3). Still, I wanted everyone to know, so that everyone can have alternate plans in printing their designs before Thursday's critique.

So again, right now the Digital Aquarium printers are out of ink, and they are waiting on replacements. If I hear anything new, I will let you guys know.


  1. Really? I printed mine out just yesterday (the printer did attempt to not release my printout but I got it in the end). The printers in 2nd floor lab also does not do 11x17 printout anymore (or that's what the girl at the counter told me).

  2. When I came to print around 1:30PM yesterday, the inks weren't there. And I left and came back (I think the inks were still not there).

    However, the inks are in one of the printers now. One of the printers. :/