Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Semester Project: Business Card (First Attempt)

There not my final designs, just something to start off with for the business cards. The top one will be one side of the card, and the cup with the information will be on the other side.

Maybe I should show the full image of the coffee cup? Also, should I move up the swirl a bit, so the website information has breathing room? I am afraid it may get cut off, or that it's not getting enough breathing room. :/

The other business card I have is this:

I was inspired to have the business card positioned vertically, after viewing one of the business cards I received months ago. While the other side of this business card will showcase the information, I do want to push this idea a bit. I am hoping to make this business card feel like a bookmark within a case, that may resemble a book. I don't know how that will be done, but I will find out.

Again, I am not saying these are my final business card designs, it's a start. :) Any suggestions or advice are welcome.

1 comment:

  1. these first attempts are nice roy. The top design is something that looks like it could fix into business advertisement, and the second design is more playful and abstract. I like what you are doing with both of them. maybe it would be cool if you combined both designs to come up with something both playful and professional! Just a thought...