Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interesting Designs and Concepts

My favorite soda is Coke (or Coca-Cola - I don't do drugs), and I found something quite interesting yesterday at the Georgia State cafeteria. I normally am used to the design for the recent Coke bottles, giving information about Coke points and using the code to get them online (which is shown here).

However, when I went for a Coke at the Georgia State cafeteria, I was greeted with a new design for the bottle. It showcased new information of advertising, and it immediately grabbed my attention. Here are the comparisons with the first Coke bottle I mentioned with the new one I was greeted:

See the difference? Noticed that they incorporated yellow for the type and for the illustration on the side. If you look closely (pictured below), you will see green along with the yellow shapes coming from the smaller white Coke bottle illustration.

Yellow is usually included for Coke designs along with the red. Primary colors are always used to grab one's attention (especially in the fast food industry). I was surprised that they used green to create contrast, tension, and attention. Seeing that green is the complimentary color of red. I think what was also good about this color choice of green is that the green is not dark or at regular tint. It's almost a yellow green, so it works well with the yellow streaks. It also doesn't make this edition look Christmasy (I know Christmasy is not a real word), seeing everyone is used to the complimentary color scheme of red and green for the month of December.

So to me, I thought it was an interesting find, as well as an attention grabber to let people know of the new advertising on the bottle.

I also saw this for the first time today (I don't have television in my dorm room for the past six months):

I am not a Kobe fan, I was really happy they lost poorly to the Boston Celtics in Game 6. However, I thought this commercial had great concept, due to all the speculation of the low cut basketball shoe design. Seeing I used to play basketball with my friends in high school, I always played in high tops...and my right ankle was like my glass ankle, always got twisted up every other month or so. Not because I got shooked (b-ball terms), but because of my constant rebounding (had hops for a small guy...used to).

Anyways, just the fact that Nike went with the low top cut design for his new shoe made an excellent opportunity to make its' argument. As well as providing humor and nice color schemes in the commercial. Having the ankle illustration animate a smile at the end is a plus (I apologize in advance for spoiling the commercial). It's a fun commercial to view, one I can highly respect. Even if Kobe is in there.

I hope you enjoyed what I found recently.

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