Friday, February 13, 2009

Semester Project: Redesigning the Redesign

Look at your drawings and learn from them and learn from yourself by drawing.

Drawing brings to us a vision of the world that is much more. How we see the world is revealed in our drawings. How we see our drawings is another matter. When we look at our drawings do we use the same vision we use to cross the street or navigate through a crowded room? - Paul Rodecker

Well, the last time I had my designs for Indie, they looked like these:

And quite frankly, I was not getting a lot of buzz or excitement with these designs. It left me frustrated honestly, but it made work hard to come up with three (seeing that "Tres" means three) new designs. Designs where I could be flexible, and represent my cartoony/animated nature. I guess I did not want to go there at first, I did not want to use it as a crutch. However, the excitement and buzz were present for these designs. Enough to say, "Ok, now we have some direction." And it's good to have some direction now. And the best part is, I can be flexible with any of these designs. :) Each of them are their own individual, as Indie should be.

So now, after getting recent feedback from last night's critique, I am going to push these designs further, as well as work on my stationery designs. I will post both the pushed designs and stationery designs sometime over the weekend. For those who have not been able to see these, I am happy to release these designs to you now. :)

Have a great weekend, and as always, any advice or suggestions are welcome! :)


  1. BETTER. lots.

    i have to say i like the way the first one feels the best. the third one reminds me a little of Curlz MT which irritates me a little, but i really like what you did with that swirl in the coffee cup. perhaps if you took out some of the swirls in the logo it would feel less like that font.

  2. Thanks for your comments Sarah! :) Yeah, the rest of the class mentioned about taking some of the swirls out of the logo, which I am fine to do. For both the swirl logo and the one with the eyes, they seem to give me more opportunities for animation purposes. Something I am going to look into. :)

    Have a good weekend Sarah!

  3. just an idea here...what if the cup o coffee was the icon/bug, and it served as the top point of one of the 'i's? I haven't drawn it out or anything, just something that came to me in my head ,thought I would throw it out there.
    Or what if the coffee cup is a letter altogther?
    Keep pushing it, its good to see you are exploring options. It's never too late to change it. Don't be afraid if you feel you need to.