Saturday, February 28, 2009

Look What I Found

Now if only they released this issue sooner! LOL Or maybe I should've been at the bookstore sooner. At any case, I saw this issue of Computer Arts Projects on the stand earlier tonight at Barnes & Noble. They talk about making a logo for a company, redesigning a logo (how it can make or break the brand) the point that they talk a little of Pepsi's redesign.

They even have an interesting color wheel insight, discovering the positive and negatives of the basic colors. And, some suggestive reading on logos and rebranding. Again, I wish this issue came sooner; however, it's good to have right now and get more inspiration from it.

A note to a friend of mine: They also talk about making sport team logos. Professionally conceptual, and smooth looking. *wink wink* You know who you are. LOL

If you're interested in checking out this issue, I suggest heading over to a Barnes & Noble store or Borders. They should have it....though that issue may not stay there too long, seeing the next one will come up later on. But be warned, the issue is pricey...but it comes with a disk of fonts, tutorials, and portfolio work of professionals. So you do get your money's worth! ;)

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  1. That's pretty cool! I'd like to check that out. :)