Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Semester Project: Testing Colors

I am trying different color schemes for one of the designs that I posted earlier. As you can see, there are a few possibilities I could have gone with for the type by itself. However, when I added the illustration next to the type for it to be a complete combination mark, those same few don't work hand in hand.

I have come to the conclusion on a few things:
  1. Monochromatic as a color scheme does not interest me for the design at all. It also does not bring a strong presence, seeing there is contrast between the typefaces and the illustrations.
  2. While green is my favorite color, I am deciding to stay away from using it as part of the final color scheme. Already one of my classmates have mentioned about Starbucks, and I told her that being reminded of Starbucks because of green will not be satisfactory. So green will not be part of the final considerations.
  3. The blue and yellow color scheme (first row, second column on the first page) will not do. It reminds me too much of Burger King. Sad to say. Not to mention that most primary colors are used by fast food restaurants, just so that they can get your attention quickly. Indie Coffee & Books is not a fast food restaurant.
While this logo design is one of the ones considered for the final critique, I am still going to push them further. See what will work and what will not. I will also try to continue looking up different color schemes.

Any advice or suggestions are welcome. :)


  1. I'm digging the yellow and blue for some seems indie. haha.

  2. I like the font. Cooper right? Someone told me it's the font for the Beach Boys when I used it one time. I like the orange and gray one or the orange and brown.

    The icon with the book and bread(?) is kinda strange. How about just a literal book lying down and a steamy cup of coffee nearby? Or a book about coffee?

  3. i'm liking the orange and brown (bottom left corner) and the blue and green ( 2 up from the orange and brown one) the best. And what happened with the logos including the 'i' as part of the icon? I thought those were pretty cool.

  4. while i am not a graphic designer i am a very big consumer and i do pay attention to lots of little details when it comes to who tells me what i should consume, To me coffee and books means relaxation peace and a break from everything else, a peace that is natural and refreshing for some reason i feel that the color scheme in the top middle row of the second sheet embodies that i would suggest that indie be the darker color kind of like the left on the second row anyways hope i helped i found your blog through paul

  5. Thanks for everyone who commented and shared their thoughts and suggestions. :) I am thankful.

    And yeah iskatemetal, Paul is a great teacher. LOL :) I'd take him again in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity.