Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Semester Project: Business Card & Stationery Intro

I wanted to give another try with the swirl design for Indie, in the business card, as well as attempting the stationery. The card design is can go where it has both sides printed. I am willing to allow this card design to be one side, if I need to.

These stationery designs for the swirl design is a start. I am going to try to push the design more, to see what else might come up.

As for the stationery designs for the characters, I am trying to keep it simple, and hopefully, interesting. I want to provide the information, enough room for the body, and something that makes these designs unique.

As always, any suggestions or advice are welcome. Thanks! :)


  1. I think both of these designs are very interesting, yet some reason I am drawn to the blue and white. I think my preference it purely personal though, because I'm not a big fan of coffee and the blue design plays more off the book side to me than the coffee. I love books :D

  2. I love books too bro! LOL But I also enjoy espresso drinks. ;P LOL Thanks for commenting Brian, I appreciate it.

  3. I really like the blue stationary it looks nice and refreshing