Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The New Wacom Intuos4!!!

So I was going through my e-mail, when I got an e-mail from Wacom announcing their new Intuos4 tablet. (Check the site out, it's great!) After viewing the video, I began to drool (not literally, but my cartoonist/illustrator side did)....

I so want one! At least the small tablet size, I already have a big Intuos3 tablet. The specs on this new model is making me really excited...more than CS4 from Adobe. : /

And in fact, seeing I am talking about tablets, if anyone wants advice, here's my view on getting a tablet (had mine for almost 3 years):

1. While there are many different companies that builds tablets, professionals will tell you to go with Wacom. And I will tell you too, Wacom, and nothing else.

2. There are different models for different needs. Bamboo is the cheapest of the models (if you plan to use it for a short period of time, might as well go with this one). Intuos3 (which I have) provides twice the power of the Bamboo, and is mostly use by professionals. Plus, you get more size options for the tablet. Intuos4 has more powerful specs than the Intuos3, as it is twice as powerful. The Cintiq has a few size options, as well as it being the monitor tablet. This model is the closest to actual drawing on paper. Be warned, expect to spend more than $2000 for any Cintiq model. The other models don't cost that much though, so you should be good. ;)

3. Do not believe you need a big size to get the job/task done. Whether it's illustration, animation, digital painting, graphic design, etc., you do not need a big size to get the job done. The power and strength comes from your wrist, and getting use to drawing on the tablet (if the model is not a Wacom Cintiq). The more you practice and get use to the tablet, the easier it is to use the tablet for any size imaginable.

4. DO NOT BUY WACOM TABLETS FROM ITS' SITE!!! And don't buy it from e-bay either. If you are a student or faculty, the best place to purchase is at Academic Superstore. I saved money compared to the prices at Wacom's store. All you have to do is verify that you're either a student or faculty member, and you're good to go. That simple, that easy, and cheaper. ;) Now, I just recently checked Academic Superstore, and they do not supply the new Intuos4. So my best bet is it will be a long while before the new tablets will be provided. But the Intuos3 still works great, and plenty of sizes to choose from.

5. And to finish off, I think the best size, with it not being the smallest size for the tablet, would be a 6x8. I do not know if the Wacom Bamboo sells at that size. I do know that Intuos3 and Intuos4 does. The next biggest size to the 6x8 would be the 6x11. Reason I mention this is that having that size at 6x8 is still good to move the tablet from home to school and vice versa. A 12x12, not so much. And a 6x8 will work great with laptops, or even the 4x6. Not much space being utilized, and it can fit in your lap too for comfort, if desired.

If anyone else has any questions, I would be happy to answer them. :)

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  1. That tablet looks awesome, and I agree, Wacom is the Adobe of tablet.