Monday, March 30, 2009

Collaborative Book Project and Thoughts

My typography class, along with a few other classes taught by Paige Taylor, were required to create a page for a collaborative book she's compiling. Without any delay, here's my piece added to the project:

My class' focus is the past, and I know every now and then, there's a dispute about who gets the cereal prize. I'm sure many can relate to that, especially if you have siblings. LOL :)

This project alone got me to do something I haven't done at all this year, let alone stopped a while ago: drawing comics. It's not just drawing the layout and determining the perspective or the facial expressions. It's also coming up with a good storyline and dialogue (if any) for the comic strip. Getting back into my cartoonist roots took a while, seeing I haven't been doing it for a long while, and it was rocky. At the end of the day though, I'm happy to bring my cartoonist juices to the table, and just let it fly.

It's like finding an old friend that you been waiting to come back to...I'm happy I found my cartoonist side again, you just don't know. ^___^

Anyways, hope you enjoy the comic! Ads coming tomorrow!

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