Friday, March 27, 2009

Art Stroll At Castleberry Hill

I was able to go to the Art Stroll provided by GSU's Art Student Union earlier tonight. Lots of different compositions from different art clubs and programs. From sculpture, to drawing and painting, to interior design, etc.

Our own Patti has a composition in the gallery! :)

There are plenty of pieces being showcased there, and if you missed tonight's showing, there is one tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon, from 1pm - 5pm. That one will be the last showing for the Art Stroll. If you get a chance to, stop by for a little while, I'm sure you'll enjoy the different works by other fellow art students.

And hopefully, if they do one next year, there will be graphic design works up there as well.

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  1. oh hey Tres sorry I was hanging with my sick baby, but I will try again tomorrow