Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back To The Drawing Board...Apparently..

I didn't talk about my initial idea for my ads on my blog...however, I feel that my proposed vision is starting to become...and I hate to say it...boring and stale. I'm just not having as much fun working with a dry erase board as I would with a piece of paper when it comes to drawing.

I thought of doing some sort of illustrative background with a photograph of an individual in the forefront of the dry erase board. Something different than what I normally do, sure. Still, just after trying to work and rework a few possible illustrations on the dry erase board, it just didn't interest me that much anymore. The lines weren't meeting my desires and whatnot.

With that said, back to the drawing board. And this time, really let my cartoonist side dictate the flow.

1 comment:

  1. well i thought it might be a great idea if you used photography in your ads...remember what we talked about in the digital aquarium? I think using the ideas we discussed would be a great plan B if your illustrations don't work out. Just an idea.