Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saw Pixar's UP!

I know that Barron mentioned about seeing Pixar's UP, so I wanted to give my share about the film:

You have to see it, and you have to see it in 3D! :D I was able to go see it last night for the 3D version of the film, and I must say the 3D did the movie justice! I'm not saying it to say it, seriously, this is the first 3D film I went to, where the images aren't trying to come out to touch you. Instead, they calculated what's important in regards to perspective of the environment and the characters.

Even if you don't go see the 3D version (seriously, you'll be missing out if you do), this movie still had heart, adventure, action, and wonderful characters. I was just in awe with Pete Docter's (the director of the film) style for this film, so different compared to his first one (Monster's Inc.

I also like how Pixar does its' movies, by making sure they crank out the best concept possible. They duke it out, tell it like it is, what each other likes or don't like, and then they go produce an animated film like their lives depends on it. Never have I seen a studio put in so much heart for the sake of telling a great story every time....I can't say the same for DreamWorks. That's a whole blog post in itself (the animation junkie side of me speaking).

Anyways....go see this film! Trust me, this is not a kiddie film! :D


  1. I saw it today. It was dope. Too bad I was too impatient to wait the extra 2 hours to see the 3d showing... (actually too cheap because I'd rather pay the matinee price... LOL) anyway, I'd recommend it as well. Twas a good film.

    Btw, was I the only one that thought the detail on ALPHA was amazing... as far as the hair and sheen/gloss from his coat? Very impressive.

  2. Oh yeah! The detail for Alpha's fur was stellar! :D As well as Carl's beard growing from not being able to shave during his time on the island. :) Pixar really pays attention to detail, for sure! :)