Friday, May 22, 2009

OMG....(Growing Pains)

I have so much work to do. Not that it's on my plate right now, but just learning to play a role that is different from what I normally do.

I am a cartoonist. Not an illustrator, there is a difference. Can a cartoonist become an illustrator? And vice versa? Of course. It just takes a lot of work to get there. And I desire to get to where I can do illustration as an illustrator, not just as a cartoonist. Fortunate for me, I can imitate styles nicely. Still, I just need to get better in my drafting skills, and draw draw draw.

Then there's designing: I want to get better in design, where I can be unpredictable...I always felt like my works would be predictable this past year (probably because of my cartooning skills) in my projects. Probably the most unpredictable result was the last project I did for typography, which I am happy of the results. Hopefully, my typography skills will grow and sharpen, as well as composition. Add some things that will shake up the foundation of how I see things.

Last, and not least, adding motion to my projects. Animating characters, shapes, type, whatever the case may be. I am going to get After Effects, so I can start learning over the summer. Nothing wrong with a head start. :)

A cartoonist pushing to become an illustrator, designer, and an animator. I need all the Starbucks I can get for the next two years....


  1. I really admire your enthusiasm for mastering art on all fronts :)