Friday, December 3, 2010

Social Network and Adobe

It was two months ago when the film The Social Network came out in theaters, and it was an amazing film to watch. Regardless on your thoughts about Facebook, it really does not focus on Facebook by itself - it rather focuses on the greed for power, broken relationships, and the desire to create something fantastic.

What I did not know is that director David Fincher and his team used Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro to edit and construct the film:

I was so amazed to see the use of both After Effects and Premiere Pro to work together in building film. Especially since Final Cut Pro is way expensive (I don't have money like that - laughs). It is also very inspiring for me, as I desire to use After Effects to tell stories and be able to share my vision to audiences.

Again, if you have not seen The Social Network, you really need to. The drama and comedy (yes, it is a very funny movie as well) really brings an edge to storytelling that is continued to be overlooked. And yes, the storytelling was way better in this film than Avatar. I kid you not.

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