Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So What If (as Stan Would Say)

This typography animation was first shown to me during my introductory year for graphic design (givin' a shoutout to Paige for the hookup!), and it was always fascinating to me how wonderful this story was through typography. Not kinetic type, but using the characters of a typeface to construct a story along with the music, and having a well conceptual direction for what the story detailed. After having experience with After Effects, I start to see how it was constructed, and grabbing an idea how it conveyed the message through editing and camera use.

So what if there was a story told through type with no dialogue, but just made up of characters of that typeface? Where would the story go? How would you keep people interested? Is there a message to the story? I see a lot of kinetic typography pieces, but barely any projects that showcase a typeface as the main star of its' own production. Something to think about, not just for myself, but for others who are interested. :)

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