Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2011 Lexus IS Commercial

Since the first time seeing this commercial, and to this day, I am amazed by the creativity and hard work they displayed. The concept they had for showcasing the vehicle's abilities, along the lines of the structure and power of drums, makes sense. Not to mention the theme of precision, as they mentioned in their tagline.

I played drums for almost a decade, and being precise is extremely important for the drummer's role. Every hit, every second, every move not only has to be tight and crisp, but calculated. At the exact moment. And taking that concept with drums to go with their product, makes the advertising all the more interesting. Especially that the vehicle had to display that in the commercial along with the drums. Very tricky, time consuming, and patience. And the labor was not in vain.

Also, they included a behind the scenes for making the commercial. I always enjoy seeing how awesome people create awesome concepts and how they execute. Enjoy!

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