Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Joel & Associates Billboards

My designs for Joel & Associates. Finally finished...for now.


  1. I can post now! Great slogans. I like Joel & You it's very right for the time. I keep looking at the green one and keep thinking if another typeface would work better , but it sort of looks like license plate type but more like computer type). I think maybe it's just the kerning that needs to be tweaked. the logo on the black one should go bigger, you have space for that. hope this helps!

  2. One more thing, I just noticed that the website is too small

  3. Glad to see you able to post again Pattie! :D Yeah, I agree I can play around with another typeface for the green billboard. I might get rid of the website link altogether and replace it with Personal Injury Lawyers, as Stan and I talked about it on Thursday.

    Thanks so much for commenting Pattie, I appreciate it! :)

  4. These are some of the best in class and yet no one got to see them or comment on them because you didn't speak up before the critique ended. Don't sit back and let the class pass you by...stand up and be counted. Your work is strong and the entire critique could have been different if you had started it off with these strong concepts. *There are still some problem areas like you need to put "personal Injury Lawyers" someplace otherwise people might think they are Insurance companies. The type on the green billboard is my least favorite. Tweak it just a little and you've got yourself some contenders for the client. As a collection of concepts however these really hit the audience with cleverly written copy and the composition is right on. NMake sure you get "personal injury lawyers" on these and you'll have 4 good billboards for the client. Otherwise they become car insurance people and not Lawyers...clear it up with what they do. easy fix.
    Nice job.
    Of course, the fact you didn't show these at the critique is a sticking point with me so speak up next time..go first and you can lead the way..it's a good kind of pressure to put on yourself if you go first every time. This time in class is so limited so make the best of it for yourself