Monday, July 26, 2010

Road to Redemption 1

It's been a long summer doing my internship, taking time to think of the past year, and prepare my mind for the future. With a lot that has happened to me personally, it felt like I was in limbo as a person and as an artist...I was just lost. Well, I recently found myself back to reality, with a renewed focus for what I want to do in life...and my desires to get better at.

This is my Road to Redemption as a draftsman, the sole ability that helps me do what I do best: Illustrate and create cartoon characters.

I know I have a long road ahead of me of valleys and mountains. That's fine with me, I will do what I can to get better in anatomy and in drawing. That's what I do, and I cannot put this away anymore.

I hope you enjoy this journey as I will. See you next week!


  1. life drawing is so so _so_ very good for you. i find it totally hones your observation skills which can only do you a world of favours.

    how much longer are you at your internship for?

  2. Oh yeah that's for sure! :) It really helps tackle some difficult stuff as far as poses, perspective, or anything else.

    My internship ends this week. Then I start working for school again this weekend.

  3. Great Work Tres, I look forward to continuing to see you grow!

  4. Thanks very much Brian! You too! :)

  5. Thanks Melanie! :)